2nd Mortgage

Access your home equity with ease!

If you need access to cash without refinancing or paying out your existing mortgage, then a second mortgage is a viable financial solution.  Approvals are based on the amount of equity you have built-up. There is no minimum credit score or income required.

Benefits of a second mortgage:

  • Debt Consolidation: Pay off your high-interest debts such as loans or credit cards using the second mortgage. It will help you focus more on paying back the single loan at a lower interest rate
  • Borrow: Life happens, and you may need to borrow funds to make a major purchase. For instance,  or renovating your home or replacing old appliances.
  • Purchase A New Property: If you are thinking of investing in a cottage or buying a rental property, a second mortgage can help you make it a reality
  • Starting a business: If you are entering the business world, second mortgages can help access capital funds without the headache of a business loan application
  • Emergency cash: Recently unemployed and need cash to prop them up until they sell the home or financial situation improves

At Transparent Mortgages, we are second mortgage specialists, working our magic to help reach our borrowers’ financial goals and objectives.

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