At Transparent Mortgages, we provide 2nd mortgages for whatever reasons you need, regardless of your income and credit.

Common reasons for taking out a 2nd mortgage

  • Need access to cash
  • Complete renovation and updates to your home
  • Pay off debts and start improving your credit
  • Help supplement income
  • Starting a business
  • Help purchase another property

Benefits of Transparent Mortgages

  • Receive $500.00 if your transaction completes before 1stJanuary 2023
  • No hidden fees – always advised upfront
  • Always lowest rates and fees within our exclusive lenders
  • Approved in 24 hours
  • We provide mortgages for all situations
  • All credit scores approved


Transparent Mortgages has an approval rate of 98% – get funded no matter what your personal situation is.

At Transparent Mortgages, we created a solution to help a client re-position their financial situation. This enabled them to reduce their monthly commitments and save $880.00 a month.


Current situation month payment

Transparent 2nd Mortgages monthly payment

1st mortgage



Credit card 1



Credit card 2



Line of Credit



Car payment



Transparent 2nd Mortgage



Total payment



Additional cashflow




Monthly savings $880.00

Annual savings: $10,560